Dressedundressed Spring Summer 2022 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo


Dualism, contrast and simply oppositing different elements such as masculinity and femininity, bauty and ugliness, darkness and light, purity and sensuality, future and past… Between these opposites is where the brand’s interest lies genderless street couture collection. 2009, founded their own label “Dressedundressed” and launched their first Spring Summer collection.

Dressedundressed Spring Summer 2022 collection is the third installment in the “Mask Trilogy” that follows the previous two works, “PERSONA” and “ANOSREP”. This work is a double image video presentation on the theme of morality, with a man wearing a mask that resembles his own face, and a man with a bare face walking down a short runway and repeatedly disappearing. Morality is a serious reflection on etnics, morality, the rules on should follow, or a way of life. The collection explores the taboos of childishness, sexualty and manners against various tailoring that symbolize authority. A catwalk of the external side by a masked man. The perfomance of the internal mental image by a man with no face. Beautiful images and photographs with soft light. Surrealism with a silent music. As the mask and the face are repeated, the mask of self-consciousness is removed, melted, and intermingled, and the relationship between ego and society, face and society, and others is examined.

All images courtesy of Dressedundressed

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