Accindental Cutting Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week


The brand ACCIDENTAL CUTTING, will be presenting “Accidental Cut”, on September 18th at London Fashion Week. This virtual collection refers to the accidental, random, and abstract pattern cuts that are the starting point of the experimental pattern cutting method Accidental Cutting, that constitute the basis to generate volumes non-existent until now, applicable in fashion and other design fields.

The new “ACCIDENTAL CUT” collection for Spring / Summer 2022 emphasizes the origins of the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern method, which bases the creative process on accidental, abstract and random cuts and patterns through which unique and unknown volumes can be built, inexistent until now. This approach represents the distinctive identity of the brand.

Not only new ways of volumetric construction are explored, but in general the concept of accidental cuts themselves, establishing a parallelism between any type of incisions, including those that cause injuries and abstract pattern cuts. At the same time, this directly references and reinforces the brand´s image and name.

The virtual construction can be considered as a sustainable approach, renouncing physical construction in the prototyping, filming and even commercial presentation of the product. On the other hand, virtuality is explored as a means of creation and communication of unthinkable realities in the physical world, escaping from gravity and opening filming possibilities without resorting to extravagant and expensive means pertaining to the real world. In this sense, fashion becomes art, a virtual sculptural volume in motion. The music for this film was composed by Johnny Paradiso, @johnnyinparadise.


ACCIDENTAL CUTTING is a fashion brand founded by the architect and designer Eva Iszoro, who is also a university professor and researcher in the field of creative and experimental pattern making. In addition, she is the author of a new experimental pattern method: Accidental Cutting, focused on finding, not searching, non-existent volumes, through abstract, random and accidental cuts and patterns. Those three-dimensional shapes are applicable to any type of design, not just fashion.

She is the author of the first Doctoral Thesis, which analyses the new phenomenon of creative and experimental pattern making, in a global way, from a methodological approach to the practice of design. The most original contribution of this work is the formulation of a new experimental pattern method. Accidental Cutting, is theoretically developed in chapter V of her doctoral thesis. The thesis received the Cum Laude Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, promotion 2015/2016.

All images courtesy of Accidental Cutting

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