Haleia Spring Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week



soigné (adj.) possessing an aura of sophistication in dress, manner, or design; presented or prepared with an elegance attained through care for the finer details

Starting its design journey in the year of 2020 in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city that conveys a melting pot of inspirations on the crossroads between East and West., the fashion house HALEIA focuses and conveys healing power of nature, inner harmony, motion and manner for its 2022 Spring-Summer collection. The brand brings romantic detailing and contoured silhouettes together and sustains the success of keeping the mix touch of feminine and masculine vibes in this collection as well. Presented for the first time at New York Fashion Week in September, the collection offers women awareness, power, elegance, and coquettishness. The collection mostly consisting of sustainable fabrics such as tencel and viscose, point out of being a new generation brand by not only highlighting environmental factors in design but also in production process.

Having perception of each style yet interpreting these styles in a unique way and bringing new life, the Istanbul-based fashion house gets the theme of summer 2022 from French painter Claude Monet’s house located in Giverny. Inspired by both house itself and oil paintings of Monet that include his admiration for nature, the brand proposes the modern forms with a bold touch that idealize summer occasions. The shapes, in which the ups and downs are felt very clearly, are borrowed from Monet’s design perspective. French Bavarian roses, water lilies, and hyacinths of Monet’s garden are distorted and totally transformed to another figures while also the color palette used in the collection is driven from Monet’s creations and house interior. Technique and art are intertwined, and ostentatious look of women brought face to face with the most flattering colors of nature.

With this collection, HALEIA embraces its ideology of creating contrast and chooses engaging the most vivid colors with pastel ones that eventually comes up in a great harmony. As well as the color use, HALEIA presents a holistic attitude in fabric choices. Specially designed floral printed chiffons are combined with shiny tulle textures where also tencel fabrics, commonly appears plain weaving, unconventionally have woven with a jacquard technique using metallic threads.

Laser-cut three-dimensional floral dense layered looks are used to bring depth to the collection which are also stand out as the projections of flower figures taken from Monet’s beautiful garden. Showstopper mini dresses, voluptuous maxi dresses, cut-out detailed jumpsuits, reconstructive-cut cargo pants and many more attractive forms are brought together with rich ruffles, beading and shine and completed the HALEIA SS22 ‘’Soigné’’ collection.

In addition to clothing line, mis-matched outstanding luxurious earrings, multi-colored embellished over the top yet perfectly balanced thigh high boots and mules are being presented alongside. This design line, which looks as harmonic as it is contrasting, brings to life the forms of HALEIA that best describe the mood for spring and summer. Using these various artisanal design techniques, HALEIA maintains emphasizing the flamboyant femininity and does not compromise on its powerful, sophisticated, intellectual woman heritage. The bold style journey of the HALEIA woman, who has perfect equilibrium in every step, has been made even more charming and embolden with clever and agile design games.

The brand proves that it will continue to give the message of applicable form of couture, modernity with a touch of past to all women of the world with NYFW, where it was accepted to be a part of in its third season.

All images courtesy of Haleia

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