Lula Laora Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week

SS22 – “The Garden”

Walking on fresh and humid grass, eyes half-opened due to the dazzling sunrise. Inhaling deeply, absorbing the perfume of all the blossoming flowers.

The SS22 collection “The Garden” transports the audience to a beautiful English garden, set at the end of the Victorian era, with cast iron ornaments, fences with climbing roses, green lawns and stone walkways.

It’s a space made for daydreaming and exhales of letting go. It is where heartbeats slow down, just to speed right up again. The same reaction one gets from a passionate caress or a loving glance.

Excitement explodes with a pounding pulse. Joy and then sadness grip on, but also confusion and powerlessness. Then, much like the deep silence after fireworks, there is only peace. Relaxing, your mind slows down. “The Garden” is an unpredictable journey, full of contrasts, emotions and surprises.

The snake illustrations planted throughout the collection represent fire, sexual tension and trickery. Embellished crosses represent earth and the sacredness of Nature. Said symbolism is found in the prints and/or appliqués throughout the SS collection.

Design features brightly coloured fabrics with different weights and textures, creating bold contrasts. Moreover, the collection includes faux leather, light crepe, jersey, organza, cotton twill and denim. All fabric is sourced from the UK, and the denim is 100% recycled, and a part of the upcycled program. As such, select items are limited edition pieces.

Historical references come from Regency to the Victorian era. Certain looks are constructed using an intricate lacing technique. Remaining true to the collection’s theme, vintage jewellery is used on all embellished garments.

As for the footwear pieces, we have also collaborated with KOI, a cruelty-free and vegan brand. The customised shoes mimic the symbolism from the SS22 garments, in that it features crosses and garden snakes. Hats come from renowned milliners Bernstock Speirs and accentuate the historical references in a modern way,

“The Garden” will transport you into a dynamic and beautiful place, creating room for strong and raw emotions.

About Lula Laora:

Fuelled by Lula’s unique approach to bringing stories and fantasy to life, Lula Laora uses clothing as a means of enlightenment. Your second skin is just as important as your first one and we think you should indulge in your fantasies. Have fun with it. Clothes are an extension of who we are. As a brand we embrace growth and change, be it in our fashion choices or not. We love the evolution of personal Style and want to be a part of your metamorphosis. Our slow fashion approach in tandem with a personalised made-to-order program allows us to rebel against fast fashion. Our challenge does not stop there. We proudly present unisex collections as we believe self-expression does not conform. Lula Laora was founded in 2018 by London based designer Lula Laura Velasco. Following her BA at central saint martins in fashion design, Lula collaborated with clown from the band slipknot in LA. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar.

All images courtesy of Lula Laora

CREDITS LIST STYLING – Lula Laura Velasco @lula_laura_velasco CASTING – Nina Comer @ninasews PHOTOGRAPHER – Kim Lang @kimlangstudio VIDEOGRAPHER – Candice Lo @xcandicelox VIDEO ASSISTANT – Violette MUA – Daisy Moore @daisymooremakeup HAIR STYLIST – Jenny Green @jennifer_misanthropez_looks

COLLABORATIONS SHOES – Koi Footwear @koifootwear HATS – Bernstock Speirs @bernstockspeirs SET DESIGN – Kiara Gourlay @kiaragourlay

MODELS – Danni @dannisp00ner Ruby represented by Phoenix @phoenixmodelmanagement Estelle @estellethegazelle Ashley @a_c_tamuno Polina @babyimbored_ Moon Siu Hei @siuhei_dd

MUSIC – Substencia – Cosmic Whale and Downwell – The Art of Pleasure by Noir Dissident

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