Yuki Hashimoto Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week


YUKI HASHIMOTO is founded in Japan in 2018 with the debut collection of 2019 SPRING/SUMMER “BAD DAY CAMP” collection.Brand concept is “NEW ORDER” . The collection has been made with a combination of roots that clothing has as history and designing vision of modernity. Yuki is challenging to tell a story behind clothing such as functional detail and historical background through the study of culture and history. Yuki graduated from Antwerp Royal Academy of fine arts with master program in 2017. While he was at the school, he accumulated experience at fashion maisons in Paris and Antwerp.

The starting of the 2022SS collection was inspired by the “Urban Planning” of the Indian city of Chandigarh, which Le Corbusier was involved with in the 1950s. “The collection explores and expresses the intersections between people’s lives and what it means to live in a city, as we change to a more to new lifestyle due to the global pandemic. it represents the ‘intersection’ where people intersect in this collection.” Yuki Hashimoto’s YUKI HASHIMOTO, supported by the Tokyo Fashion Award, will present its collection at the official schedule of London Fashion Week for the second time from 2021AW.

The movie “MYSTERY TRAIN”, which depicts the relationship between various events and incidents in Memphis, USA in the 50’s, has become one of the essential themes in exploring the intersection of people in town. Against the backdrop of these worlds, the essence of Corbusier’s specialty, concrete modelling, is scattered throughout the collection, combining the inorganic coldness of concrete with humanistic characters of the movie “MYSTERY TRAIN. combining with those two aspects, the design was sublimated into an edgy worldview that is uniquely YUKI HASHIMOTO.

The iconic YUKI HASHIMOTO’s trench coat has belts placed on the shoulders in the motif from the seat belts of cars driving through the city, patchwork technique with a map of Chandigarh cut out, shirts cut off using laser cutting, and other details that make you feel the “city and people “The city and the people” are the details that we focused on. In addition to these items, we have also updated items that were popular in the 50’s such as Harrington jackets and riders jackets in a modern way that is unique to the brand, resulting in a thick lineup of items

For this season, we are going to announcing a collaboration with the shoe brand “ARTICLE NO. whose concept is “Luxury & Sporty,” has been fused with the high-mode worldview of YUKI HASHIMOTO to create special items that can be enjoyed in a variety of formal and casual occasions.

The 2022SS collection is the season in which the brand takes on a variety of new challenges and expresses hope and strength for a new future.

All images courtesy of Yuki Hashimoto

photographer Norihiko Ishizuka

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