Jenn Lee Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week


“Love in all shapes and form”

JENN LEE joins London Fashion Week this season with a dynamic and abstract fashion film to celebrate the launch of the Spring Summer 22 collection.

This collection is a deeply personal one as it reflects the changes in JENN LEE’s own life as she starts her new life as a mother and what this new journey means to her. This is shown not only through her collection, but also through the bold yet childlike visual motifs through the film. Various doodles and graphic elements can be seen throughout the collection which highlight the influence having a child has had on JENN LEE. True to form, JENN LEE’s collection still embodies the strength of womanhood and what it means to be independent and honour yourself and this is still portrayed under the new lens of motherhood. Love is at the centre of the collection and the heart shaped zippers created by renowned zipper manufacturer KCC are just one example of the small yet considered details throughout this collection that communicates JENN LEE’s vision. Organic shapes and fluid silhouettes are apparent and the clothing follows the lines of the female body as JENN LEE continues to strive to empower women to honour themselves and embrace their individuality and wild side. As she has done with her previous collections, JENN LEE’s SS22 collection is created with leftover stock fabric and yarns derived from recycled plastic bottles as well as finding new ways to upcycle denim to keep sustainability at the core of the brand.

Award winning production company Renovatio Pictures has returned with Visual Effects Supervisor Tomi Ku And digital artist Ella Wu this season to create a vibrant world filled with colour and explores the different forms of love. JENN LEE invited local celebrities, friends and family to take part in this fashion film as it transports the audiences to a world of its own. The unique first person gaming perspective further draws the viewer into this immersive journey as you dive into each unique storyline. Taiwanese illustrator JUN YAO ZOIE LIA created quirky doodles of various fun and childlike images such as rabbits and umbilical core that are then animated in the film. Each character in the film portrays a different aspect of love and its different forms. Love between family, remembrance and the freedom to love who you chose are all portrayed in this film and it celebrates how love connects us all and it is important to nurture it.

As well as the digital show at London Fashion Week, JENN LEE will be presenting the SS22 collection with a physical catwalk show at Taipei Fashion Week this October as the world slowly welcomes back physical events.

All image courtesy of Jenn Lee

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