Vivetta Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week


Rediscover the dream of flying with imagination to a time in which all seemed possible, when a hyper-tech future was around the corner and the exploration of new dimensions and special frontiers seemed unstoppable.

Vivetta turns her romantic and surreal look towards the 1960s and the Space-Age fashion of the designers of the time, when modernist dynamism appeared to evoke the futurist semantics celebrating speed and progress.

Barbarella, heroine of galactic and provocative sex appeal, is the seductive inspiration that Vivetta introduces in its Spring-Summer 2022 Collection. Short and bold shapes, clean-cut and flowy lines; sexy skin-tight jumpsuits; metallic shades and acids juxtaposed to the sterility of optical black/white; kinetic and distorted prints on compact fabrics. Romantic macramé transforms into a techno version; clear plastic and plexi maxi sequins embolden futurist embellishments; recycled and vintage stones are embroidered on sheath dresses and tops’ chainmail. A small enamel alien becomes the most precious jewel, transforming into an earring or a necklace charm.

Vivetta’s moon girls walk lightly on white or bright pop color high-knee boots and decorate tight chainmail sheath dresses with colorful stones; psychedelic patterns are evoked through with pastel-color feathers. Wrapped in the trails marked by charming floral and graphic motifs, they gracefully slide as ice skaters from lunar and surreal landscapes. An homage to the power of dreams and imagination, capable of transforming reality into a magical galaxy; an infinite space without any limits to beauty and wonder.

In the video accompanying the show, actual ice skaters embody the gracefulness of flying, twirling on silky icy and shiny surfaces of the Ice Arena, wearing Vivetta creations with weightless grace, yet, portraying the essence of real women, vibrating with magical feminine energy.

This season introduces a selection on unique pieces (the 1960s golden chainmail sheath dress with vintage stones and the cat clutch studded with rhinestones) that will be auctioned together with their NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) certification of digital authenticity. Digital assets become almost physical, channeling an innovative concept of virtual luxury built from real products.

All images courtesy of Vivetta

PR Agency Karla Otto

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