Andrea Pompilio Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week


it’s sunset time at the beach along the Atlantic Ocean is Coney Island, “heaven at the end of a subway ride”. people are running to the place where they will spend the evening with friends before going back to the city.

the sun goes down and the guys get dressed combining casual garment with pieace from their urban wardrobe. on the beach, the old park from 1903 is a mix of lights, sounds and Cultures People are lined up to get the wonder wheel : the grandma of the giant Ferris Wheels. each person in the queue has its own style but the mix of them create beautiful balance. the wheel turns in a whirl of images and colors.

Andrea Pompilio’s Spring Summer 2022 collection is a sophisticated melting pot that do not eepresent a culture or a gender but a “unrestrained Generation”. every single item gets multiple interpretations, based on the wearer’s personality. “il bel versetire” out ot the classic standards.

tnitted and jersey bra, cropped shirt end knitted tank-top represent the “Neverending Summer”. Long Silk dresses with precious lace details, flowing on the pier.

What’s left of Manhattan are the santorial details, the suits and the luxurious fabrics. impeccable layering sees culottes, pleated skirts and classic fit throusers sometimes corrupted with a playful touch of brocade or floral print nylon.

The tailored jacket is revisited in proportions and lengths. Classic staples as coat and trench are re-issued through the use of refined fabrics such a brocades of micro and macro checks in bright colors. the look finished of with accessories such as baseball caps and pussbett sandals realized with the same unusual fabrics.

All images courtesy of Andrea Pompilio

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