Dhruv Kapoor Spring Summer 2022 II Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week

“Creation is finished. Nothing is ever to be created, it is only to be manifested” William Blake

Our imagination is our only redemptive power,for all that mankind ever was or ever will be, exists NOW.

Spring Summer 2022 II, explores the power of human imagination and the ability of the mind to co-exist in multiple dimensions – denying all evidence and by assuming out desires.

Collection Details

the response is a unique combination of formal and street, incorporating a varied mix of materials hand woven jacquards, heavy twill, crisp linens, double washed knitwear, sheer habotai, sand washed nylons and repurposed leather accessories – made using surplus leather produced by indian factories.

the silhouette remains versetaile and largely unisex. majority of the collection comes with adjustable elements and closures for added versatillity and multiple ways of wearing the same piece. from large boxy shoulders to second skin infrared turtlenecks and double waist jeans – maintain a constant play on proportion throughout the collection.

Skilled indian craftmen produced meticulous hand embroideries, boasting the famous lotus flower – a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self regeneration and rebirth. the traditional indian ” bindi”, translated to a han embroidered motif using crystals – symbolizing womanhood.

The process of transition and the capability of the human mind are denoted through gradient patterns on heavy satins, infrared prints and hand drawn chintz in vibrant colors – each leading to new beginnings within our minds.

All images courtesy of Dhruv Kapoor

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