Kiton Women’s Wear Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week

Imagine waking up after a long period of dormancy. Feel nature coming back to life and to being its magnificent self. Kiton’s women’s wear Spring-Summer 2022 collection is translating the concept of the return into clothes. The restart looks just like a white canvas, on which one can finally start drawing a new, colorful, light, and cheerful existence. The graphic traits of the prints are the seed, and from it, the looks come to life: never giving up on its masculine DNA, season after season the femininity is reaffirmed through colorful, linear, and delicate designs. The sophisticated attitude of the family-led brand located in Arzano, a town right outside Naples, has never been betrayed and has become the symbol of 100% Made in Italy excellence all over the world. Silk and cashmere are the foundation of every look along with the prestigious linens and jacquards. The silk cady plays an important role in making leisurewear, now part of our everyday life, look sophisticated: knitwear with suede details, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and joggers are the acme of comfort, but here are found in a more precious interpretation.

But it’s not all just about comfort. Printed chemisier dresses are the essence of Kiton’s sophisticated femininity: fluid and coquettish, they shape the body with the sensual softness of the silk. The pastel colors remind of spring flowers: white, yellow, light blue, pink, and fresh grass green. And just like spring slowly mutates into the Southern summer heat, so the nuances get bolder. These colors are an ode to the Neapolitan tradition: tomato red, lemon yellow, tangerine orange, coffee brown or earth brown and blue, deep and intense just like the sea. The bright and opaque wrinkles of the silk jacquards and the lightness of compact linens call to mind the sea waves and lather.

Tailoring is never missing but turns into new shapes depending on the fabric. The precision in the execution stays untouched. A tailleur becomes loose when in cady, with its robe-jacket and waist belt, and when in cashmere and silk Prince of Wales, its look is more uptight. The boyfriend jackets in delicate damiers with wide shoulders look appealing, in contrast with the masculine oversize silhouette. Wide bermuda shorts and unexpected hoddie-blouses in silk cady complete the look.

The weights are rarefied just like early morning spring air: cashmere canvas for dusters and trousers, or superfine doubles for immaculate trench coats. There are constant references to the sea: on one hand, there is the “chain” print, a signature by now, that once exaggerated decorates creating optical effects, while on the other hand there is the use of navy blue with tailleur pants and a deep V neck t-shirt in light cashmere, that was exclusively produced by the company-owned mill.

Luxury means lifestyle, the pure linen pajama with silk piping, complimentary robe and towel jacket are the must-haves of every early season boat trip.

About Kiton

The Kiton brand embodies the excellence of haute Italian tailoring. Founded by Ciro Paone in Naples in 1968, the company embraces the absolute pre- eminence of quality, operating with a motto of ‘the best of the best +1’. Love and passion for dressing well come together with a desire to produce hand- crafted creations in which ancient Neapolitan sartorial traditions are given an innovative interpretation. With five manufacturing facilities in Italy and nearly 800 employees (more than half being craftsmen), Kiton has grown steadily and consistently, solidifying its reach thanks to more than 50 single-brand boutiques and distribution in 73 countries.

All images courtesy Kiton

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