KoH T Spring Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week

KoH T’s collection is inspired by the everyday life of designers, such as travel, landscapes and art, to create a relaxing and luxurious collection. Every season, we work with Japanese craftsmen to modernize beautiful traditional techniques. This season, we have designed clothes that are comfortable for a mindful trip. The iconic item is the sustainable denim, which has been washed in deep sea water and the loungewear setup does not use chemicals or tap water. Also, dyed items such as coats, trousers, blouses, and kaftan dresses are one-by-one exclusive items that are combined by dyeing craftsmen in the Yonezawa region with uneven dyeing and layered dyeing. There are also two sustainable series of accessories. First, the vegan leather Japanese pouch made of apple peel and core is a revival of old Japanese coin purses with the latest materials. The second is a series of split leather wallets, bags and passport cases with the art illustrations found on the trip printed on the discarded leather.

All images courtesy of KoH T

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