Munn Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week


The identity of MÜNN is ‘ Luxurious Defamiliariazation ‘. MÜNN is devoted to researching various pattern-making, creative inner construction, delicate details and developing textiles and also silhouettes in every season.

presents the collection based on the philosophy of “DEFAMILIARIZATION” every season. This season is Inspired by Luca Guadagnino’s films and ‘s full of sunlight view.


● Top, dress, and skirt are remade with ready-made hotel towels and keyholders.

● Tweed set-ups in pastel color variations that was weaving thinly and loosely.

● The main patterns made by Jacquard or printed with woven leopard fabrics in various ways.

● Hand washed denim that expresses the shape of a cloud in the spring sky full of sunlight.

● Express wildflowers in handcrafted way with lace, chiffon, beads, etc…

All images courtesy of Munn

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