Del Core Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week

Water is life, and has life. It allows evolution to happen as it changes state from liquid to vapor to mist to fog and 
back to liquid.

With water in mind, Del Core grows the idea of mutant glamour into new shapes: soft, protective and evanescent; from exact tailoring to a fluttering of frills and pleats as alive as seaweed.

The flow is uninterrupted, like water evaporating. There are mannish pantsuits closed with hooks and trembling jumpsuits. Tops matched with wide trousers turn to kimono coats with trains. Mini dresses look like blooms. Solid surfaces alternate with faded  jacquards, while embellishment swings from a blossoming of organic shapes to the sheen of man-made decoration. 

Out of thick clouds emerge women that are ethereal yet carnal, traveling fast in the wind, as delicate as orchids and as menacing as nails, towering on massive platforms, heels like brightly colored carnivorous flowers. The dresses they wear cling, expand, curve,bend, flutter and wind. 

In water everything moves, and color becomes matter. On the catwalk, this flow is a juxtaposition of the sharp and 
strict and the embellished and feminine, of the liquid and the solid, the transparent and the opaque. Different elements come together, like fluids melting, aided by a palette of colors that is bright yet desaturated, washed out to find a new beauty: pale greens,  intense reds, sunny yellows, delicate pinks, black. Sudden, enamel stains add a sensual, gestural splash.

Ultimately, mutation is the essence of the Del Core world. The gliding of the fantastic and the natural happens through the hands that make, which are capable of alchemical processes that turn silk into algae, dresses into air, leather into crocodile, fantasy into reality. 

Mother nature is in the atelier. The atelier is the lab of further evolutions.

All images courtesy of Del Core

PR Agency Karla Otto

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