SARAWONG Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week


In the new cycle of Spring/Summer 2022 collection, SARAWONG visioned a contemporary interpretation of Miao’s traditional art form, Miao, also known as Hmong, famed by their diverse colors and iconic garments.

Fusing a more modern craftsmanship with traditional skills, the design techniques of deconstruction and recombination are used to create this collection, specifically to develop the Miao costumes style. SARAWONG took Miao’s classical clothes and popular colors like pink, blue, green and purple to design unique and bold pieces stitching different fabrics combination together and giving life to pleated skirts of all lengths, fake two-pieces characteristics, pleats to adorn the hem, voluminous structures for the sleeves and shaping particular styles for the collars.

As the DNA of the brand wants, the designer unites retro and modernity creating the perfect and unique fusion of style, textile, prints and colors such as pink and white polka dots, delicate pastel flowers mixed with eccentric colors and long dresses made with tulle and decorated with other part of clothes.

From the 19th to the 20th century, European missionaries entered the Miao area of northeastern Yunnan affecting the traditional light and textile industries. Since then, Miao people combine it with their own culture, in this way the costumes were embellished with small ornaments such as inlaid glass beads, plastic beads and natural shells.

The Spring/Summer 2022 SARAWONG collection merges traditional weaving technology with modern materials that are used for the design of accessories, such as colorful handbags, bundled up shoes and the buttons applied in a gold conch shape, expressing a balance of beauty, courage, contrast and revolution.

All images courtesy of Sara Wong

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