Botter Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week


Paris based fashion designers Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter show their SS22 collection for their aquatic brand BOTTER. Showing an alarming yet optimistic vision of the future.

Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter’s digital show ‘Global Warning’ operates as a message to the world. Driven by the will to protect the most important ecosystem of our planet, the ocean, Lisi and Rushemy incorporated Parley Ocean Plastic®, into the fabrics for the collection.

The fabrics are made from Parley Ocean Plastic®, a premium material created from upcycled marine plastic waste by the organization’s Global Cleanup Network, and woven into high quality technical fabrics that embody their love for the water and their vision of harmony between human and nature.

Drawing the collection in the contrary way by letting the material dictate the design, the silhouette and atmosphere. ‘We wanted to let the material talk, in a way show the long journey it has overcome to eventually be worn on your body. We want this to be a symbol of hope and beauty, give the wearer the opportunity to be part of something greater and proud to be wearing the piece. This is modern luxury’ said the designers duo.

The show aimed to touch the hearts of many by comprising poetry in color and silhouette and deep research on materials. As fighters for the waters Rushemy and Lisi truly believe in creating beauty with alarming plastic waste collected from oceans.

This show pushed the pioneering thinking further, blurring the ever-persistent distinction between men and women by revealing a collection that could be worn by all genders. Garments that are highly influenced by the unexplored blue ocean and historical references of dive wear. Survey the mythical and ritual relation between human and water.

Historically, the designers, Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter, donate a percentage of their company profits to Botter Coral Nursery on Curacao, a non-profit organization which was founded in 2020 and is actively working on restoring the coral around the coast of Curacao. Rescuing bleached and damaged coral from dying by growing small coral fragments on branches freely in the water and planting them back once they have grown enough. Aiming at increasing coral health.

All images courtesy of Botter

PR Agency Lucien Pages Communication

Credit :

Designed by LisiHerrebrugh and RushemyBotter

Film: Axel Morin
Styling: Imruh Asha
Music: Frederic Sanchez
Starring: Douta, Mohamadou and Melody Lulu Briggs
Casting: Maida Gregory Boina
Casting assistant: Maxime Valentini
Hair and Make-up: Naïma Bremer
Production: Frenzy Picture
Post-production: Everest
Special thanks to: Parley for the oceans, CyrillGutsch and Nikita Jayasuriya
Custom spray print: IbbyNjoya
Upcycled umbrellas: Piganiol

Jewellery collaboration: Dowluck

Art installation EINDER by:

Boris Acket
Lumus Instruments
Toon Rooijmans
Elias Mazian

Art buyer: Malvin Wix
Special thanks to: Lost Art Festival

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