UMAWANG Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week


 In UMAWANG 2022SS collection, the designer brings us to enhance the best relation you can have with clothes, that happened when clothes resemble a soulmate, yoursoulmate. Clothing shouldn’t be a carrier of desire but part of the art of living….

The beauty of a young body one day will disappear but the personality is forever.

The clothes that make you want to live in a long time are the one in harmony with your spirit and aesthetics, these clothes will sublimate your beauty and your own beauty will magnify them.

Such clothes can be the treasure in your closet, loyal to your soul and never let you bored.

The design details of this season continue the consistent characteristics of UMAWANG aesthetic, but more concise and effortless, with a stronger tendency for the daily “uniform”…

The key words are: classical green in Renaissance oil paintings. Over ripe pink rose, black and white with a fluid sense of volume, over lapped diamond – shaped grid with a delicate chromaticity, largesleeves, knot. Knot, knot… –


All images courtesy of Uma Wang

PR Agency Michele Montagne

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