Pierre-Louis Mascia Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week

Pierre-Louis Mascia on a virtual catwalk from Toulouse to Milan Fashion Week

A video set in Toulouse, inside the Hotel Particulier Saint Jean, a historic monument now the headquarters of the Regional Directorate of Occitan Cultural Affairs which sponsored and granted Pierre-Louis Mascia the spaces of the Grand Galerie and the Documentation Center where they are visible respectively the works of art “Fenetres sur Cour” by Cecile Bart and “La Collection 210/439” by Philippe Poupet.

The theme of the collection was inspired by ‚ÄúSensation” the poem by Arthur Rimbaud and the word is repeated in the original soundtrack, composed by French performers Ca[1]ramilk and Oggy Nilz by deconstructing the track “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd. The show – as well as its soundtrack – is divided into three different parts.

A first part of garments with soft and ton sur ton prints, soft blues and pastel colors com[1]bined with conceptual music, the second part more chromatic and underlined by hip hop music and finally a more saturated, almost acidic multicolored with music that turns onto Afro House.

The show recorded in the video – produced by Achille Pinto di Como – which will be pre[1]sented during Milan Fashion Week, has united around the Artistic Director Pierre-Louis Mascia a team of videomakers, musicians and creatives from Toulouse, the Occitan city that Mascia has chosen as the seat of his creative Atelier.

Psychedelic music of the Sixties, Shamanism, Spirituality, that dream of freedom that was Woodstock, the Hippy atmospheres that in color and graphic combinations have mana[1]ged to build an idea of style that has entered the collective imagination by law, are just a few. of the references of the new collection.

The iconic garments such as the silk shirt, the pajama trousers, the Saharan jacket, the ki[1]mono, the ultralight bomber and the caftan have been developed on the concept of pre[1]cious detail, on the craftsmanship that enhances the preciousness of the garments, for an increasingly more clientele careful and demanding. The collection is focused on the deve[1]lopment of dresses, with flounces or ruches and different proposals for the collar, while on the skirts, with patches, with fringes, the structures remain but the details change, always elaborate and precious.

The print patterns developed by Pierre-Louis Mascia and recorded to protect its originali[1]ty, were developed in the shirt – in the winter collections of previous seasons – and later on jacquard fabric that translates the language into new creative codes.

All images courtesy of Pierre-Louis Mascia

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