Lupe Gajardo Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week

Chilean based designer Lupe Gajardo is recognized in her hometown of Santiago as one of the leading female within fashion, her signature drapery and ability to merge bold fabrics has firmly established a cult following not only in Chile but around the globe in Berlin, London, New York and Latin America.

Lupe will release her lastest line during London Fashion Week under the esteemed official London Fashion Week calendar organized by the British Fashion Council. with over a dozen collections in her design portofolio, Lupe simply exaggerates her Approach to design with a unique twist on her classic take on tailoring utilizing globally sourced fabrics.

Lupe’s collections emphasize fashion as wearable art pieces, harkening inspiration from art movements such as dadaism in a unique conjuction with creative methods like origami. The 2021, 2 collections is a welcome to the season ahead, made up of 28 looks, Lupe has incorporated tropically vivid shades of orange, fuchsia, and turquoise in block formation across several full length gowns ehilst denim printed separated create a utban edge. The versatile looks intergrate feminine masculine, and genderless shapes, offering timeless designs to the fashion world and creating a dialogue between streetwear and a new artisan haute couture.

The 2021.2 collection featured designs made from cotton, silk, linen, alpaca and wool that combine to create unique compositions. Textiles are sourced from Kenya, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, China, the United Kingdom and Peru, as well as reused scraps of textiles.

94% of the collection – 31 of the 33 garments – have been strategically made with the intention of maintaining a zero waste standard. The Zero Waste concept is transversal; one of Lupe’s design objectives is to create pieces of diferrent sihouettes using complete textile cuts (square of rectangular) that do not leave a single centimeter of textile waste during the manufacturing process. this exnperimental pattern-making technique has been developed by Lupe with the idea of makinh highly complex functional pieces from a sustainablr perspective, which also reinterprets and frees bodies from the “binary silhouette”, ttransforming the into versatile, genderless silhouette that fit and embrace anyone who wears them.

upcycling is present in pieces made only from scraps.

All unique pieces, limited series and prototypes are designed and manufatured in Chile in Lupe Gajardo’s atelier. The industrially manufactured garments are designed by Lupe in Chile and manufactured in Peru.

for the styling of this collection we used headdresses by Chilean designer Juan Daltonico, jewellery by ARA JWLS and prop shoes.

All images courtesy of Lupe Gajardo

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