Coperni Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

The Spring-Summer 2022 collection is an expression of a near future, not a futuristic science fiction but rather what we shall hope and dream for. A contrast with the ode to the night of the Autumn Winter Drive-in show, this season represents the light as a ballad to the sun. During extraordinary moments of consciousness, our senses of time and self are altered; we may even feel time and self dissolving.

The collection is a tribute to a powerful nature. Fields of beautiful, fragrant and thrilling hemp, the fastest growing plant on earth, the good, the healthy, and the sustainable medicinal substance of the cannabis leaves. A balm for bodies and minds.

Prints and materials are a reminder of nature. With their psychedelic shapes and oddness, such as the shells, they are taking us to unexpected places. A patchwork print depicting the sun alongside a skull, a funny cartoon, the image of a woman meditating, or a scary sea creature, are printed on a precious silk chiffon proving the ambiguity that permeates the collection.

Continuing with the series of Coperni’s technology inspired accessories, the new Origami bag is inspired by the iPhone photos app icon but is also a reminder of the subtle floral theme.

Fantasying can be good for those who want to escape from reality : it means daydreaming and illusion. It takes us to some trips that will provide freedom and happiness. When the states of consciousness are altered, the mind becomes clearer, the creation becomes wider, and dreams are possible. The classic Swipe bag is melting in an altered state, as an homage to the Melting Clock of Salvador Dali.

Denim cargo pants, long skirts, baggy shorts and Cowboy boots are coated with an iridescent effect that offer a futuristic exploration with sensory promises. The lowwaist pants and crop tops are a clear reference to the 2000’s aesthetic and embody a teenage-flavored uniform

Deconstructed tailored jackets, pants and skirt are envisioned with removable suspenders that always expose the shoulders and play with the norms. The cut-out jacket can be worn in several possible ways, enhancing the possibility of exploring different styles, always keeping a feeling of casual elegance.

In this psychedelic yet inviting atmosphere, Coperni introduces the cocooning dresses and tops, which, with their hand embroidered sequins and beads, envelope the body in a meditative state, a recomforting self-hug. The futuristic sunglasses are a teaser to what’s yet to come for Coperni.

For the first time, Coperni designs a jewelry collection in collaboration with Alan Crocetti in which the Coperni’s signature Swipe shape is redesigned into silver Swipe rings and earrings. Anklets, rings and necklaces are adorned with colorful eyes and the escapularios are a continuity with the fantasy world that submerges the collection.

91.530 Le Marais is a multi-disciplinary farm for empirical research at the intersection of art, science and agriculture, aimed at the development of a historical French hemp terroir on the Château du Marais estate.

The 91.530 Hemp is the fruit of two varieties and minerals for its nutrition. Its origin, identity and entire growth process are monitored and recorded in an agricultural blockchain allowing to trace its complete life cycle.

Hemp, capable of absorbing up to 150 T of CO2 from its seed to its harvest, is one of the most promising crops of this century. It requires no watering, no pesticides, no artificial light. It is the ideal alternative to cotton.

Its use in the textile industry, still largely unexplored today, dates back several millennia. It is thus the alliance between a historical heritage of the first human clothing and an ecological awareness of the future.

The hemp plants of the Coperni show of the PFW 2021 comes from a particular plot: 48°34’41.9 «N 2°06’06.1 «E

The hemp has been left for an extra 15 days in the Marais soil, equivalent to 23 weeks of growth to date, it is harvested specifically for the show in order to keep it alive, contrary to agricultural habits.

The result is an aged hemp, like the best wines and whiskies.

Installing the harvested hemp in a radically different ecosystem is at the heart of 91.530 Le Marais’ biomimetic approach: imitating nature and its workings in the anthropocene. The rural plant meets the urban ecosphere in the Paris Event Center at La Villette, with an original installation of 70,000 freshly cut hemp plants in a monumental scenography.

All images courtesy of Coperni

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