Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

About the Collection

The ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection A Voyage in Descent premiered online on Friday, October 1st 2021. This collection is inspired by a voyage into the deep sea, beginning with a portrayal of the silence and tranquility first felt in the water, and continuing to the uplifting sensation of making new discoveries in the deep sea. This voyage serves as inspiration to the original designs and making of the collection expressed through fluid, dynamic garments and lightweight, glistening materials.

About the Collection Video

Directed by Yuichi Kodama, the video presents a riveting world built upon the collection theme of undersea exploration. As the music progresses and builds up to a pervading, tense ambience, various scenes introduce models onstage, expressing qualities of fluency and elegance before descending further into the sea. Down in the depths of the sea, through mysterious and wavering dimming light, spectacles appear one after another, leading to the uplifting moments of the last scene.


series is created using the hikizome (hand-drawn dyeing) technique, done by craftspeople in Kyoto. Patterns are drawn onto damp fabric with brushes and paint sprayers, and continue to change until the fabric is dry as the dye solutions continue to seep in and develop. The luster of the fabric brings out qualities of stillness and adds a glistening touch.


The CARVED series features a garment with fluid curves and openings on both sides of the body. The seemingly carved form emphasizes the wearerʼs waistline. The cotton fabric is woven with Washi paper and biodegradable lamé fibers to give it a firm yet glossy texture and depth of color. This series can be worn as a suit, or can be styled as separates.


The SWIMMING series features patterns inspired by waves and creatures from the deep sea, printed on a lustrous rayon fabric. A printing technique called naki (bleed), allows the colors to seep in and blur into each other to faithfully represent the subtlety in the details created by the mix of four colors. The series is available in six styles including an open-back dress.


The LINK RINGS is an all hand-pleated key series of the collection. Its construction connects round pieces of fabrics to give rise to a bold and new garment that can be folded along the pleats into a compact size. The way it opens up and develops into ripples one after another inspires an uplifting sensation.

FLUIDITY LOOP The FLUIDITY LOOP series is a new design featuring a garment form of fluid motion, made from a fabric knit in a spiral shape. Its organic form envelops the body and lends itself to many wearing styles. The textured surface is knit from two colors of recycled polyester yarn, allowing the color underneath to appear when the wearer moves, available in six styles, including a top that can be worn both forwards and backwards.


The SWIMMING HUE series is the solid color series of SWIMMING. Its smooth fabric brings out the airy qualities of the drapes in the fabric. Taken from the color pallete of SWIMMING, its vivid colors, like pink and yellow, express the world full of life in the depths of the sea.


The WAVELET series uses a fabric woven with yarn that contracts during the dyeing process to create ripples in the garment. It has an organic, asymmetrical silhouette with subtle elasticity that allows for ease in wearing. The fabric also contains recycled polyester fibers.

All images courtesy Issey Miyake

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