Victoria Tomas Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

For the Spring / Summer 2022 season, VICTORIA / TOMAS returns to physical Fashion Show after a year of hiatus. More than a simple show, the brand wanted to make this, a real event, by partnering with several artists from different backgrounds.


Mirage is a naturally-occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays bend via refraction to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. The word comes to English from French « Mirer », from the Latin « Mirari », meaning « to look at, to wonder at »

The neon pink inflatable pyramid in the center of the catwalk serves as the basic inspiration for the collection. Fruit of the imagination of the artist Cyril Lancelin, it highlights the idea of Mirage. His work, between digital and physical as well as his use of recycled materials joins the vision of Victoria and Tomas.

Surrealist prints, imagined by Edward Crutchley, join this colorful imagination, all embellished with Linda Farrow glasses. The sand, khaki and greige colors recall the calm of a desert, into which loads of fluorescent colors come rushing, under the frenetic rhythm of Lewis Ofman’s live performance.

As for the last two previous seasons, the collection is 100% reversible, but for the first time, each silhouette advances one by one, in order to let the guests guess if it is indeed only one piece, despite the two possibilities it offers.

This collection is marked by a desire for empowerment, a desire to do what one wishes without limit, Men wear tiny skirts , Women wear loose suits, the codes of the wardrobe move in line with the time.

All images courtesy of Victoria / Tomas

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