Markgong Spring Summer 2022 at Shanghai Fashion Week

Spring/Summer2022| “Park Ave.” 


Sun rises over New York City. It is 6:15am. A lower east side girl comes out of a Park Avenue doorman building. She wears a men’s tailored coat over a sparkling party dress. She smiles at the city she loves, and the city smiles right back at her. I couldn’t help but wonder…who is she?

Mark Gong loves confident but playful, sexy but unprovocative, serene but not serious, women. His newest collection tells the story of a young independent New Yorker, energized by the city she calls home, and who dares to love. It is not hard to imagine the voice of Carrie Bradshaw narrating. Clearly, time spent living in New York was top of mind when Mark was designing his Spring/Summer 2022 Collection.

He affirms his brand codes – clean tailoring, his signature “cookie cutter” paneled pieces, a carefully balanced assortment of soft and dynamic fabrics – in a collection noticeably more playful with spirited party dresses, cheerful open toe shoes and an extravagance of silver (a symbol of insight and leadership). There are nods to iconic 80’s and 90’s fashion moments; such as Anna Wintour’s first American VOGUE cover from 1988, where she styled supermodel Michaela Bercu, shot by Peter Lindbergh, with a $50 pair of Guess jeans with and a $10,000 Christian Lacroix jacket.

Mark captures the idea of playfully throwing luxury fashion headlong into real life to see what happens. And so does our New York girl. It is a refreshing, joyful and natural encounter that speaks to personality rather than budget. One that encourages women to be free and gloss over peer opinion.

All images courtesy of Mark Gong


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