Shiatzy Chen Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week



With CIRCUS as the theme of the 2022 SS collection, we see Design Director Ms. Shiatzy Chen drawing inspirations from the playfulness and brisk joy inherent in the word, and demonstrated such inspirations in the form of the western style circus and the tiger pattern with oriental implications. Daring to breakthrough and take on challenges despite the constraints and limits faced in life, mesmerizing the audience with a mystical ambiance and a spectacular circus show.

Since SHIATZY CHEN joined FHCM in 2008, we are again participating in Paris Fashion Week via online fashion show due to the influence of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. Entering the venue of extreme sports, once completely beyond the imagination of fashion, the winding and changing terrain brings the audience into a dimension of surprises and amazement. The gradual illumination of neon lights, clowns stepping in formation and leading the troupe in bouncy joy, the magician waving the baton, models traversing amidst rows of stunt performers, a blend of acrobatic dance and cyr wheel performance demonstrating force and beauty all in one, storming new ideas with the mix and match of oriental and western cultures, and creating moments too splendid to miss.

This season responds to the imagination of circus with vibrant and extravagant looks. Lace and lotus leaf layered fluffy sleeves, pleated lace collar, and fluffy rounded skirts and dresses propped by bustles, opening this collection with celebratory cheer. This season’s original print can be seen here and there in this collection as the classic elements of circus. Representing adventures and challenges: the high-temperature blue flame hoop, the crawling tiger implicating an oriental image, the acrobat swinging between the ropes. Representing bustling amusements: the classic circus argyle pattern, the magician’s white pigeons, the cheering streamers, and the curtain tail roses. From dots to planes, the elements are transformed into patterns and taking forms of embroidery, drawing, and jacquard, or at times the classic circus patterns of stripes and argyle pattern. The colors in the season see rich bright orange and red inviting everyone to a festive show, sky blue and pink mix and matched as dreamy and brilliant anticipations, then moving on to classic black and white dashed with the occasional orange, highlighting splendor well-matched.

The feature of this season lies in the combination of classic mandarin collar shirts and dresses with the fluffy sleeves and lace collars being detachable accessories, a creative novelty fusing the western and oriental cultures, and turning parts of the clothing into accessories. In addition to dresses that can be assembled with different parts, there are also many items that are gender-neutral and inspired by the circus magician. The suit vest, bloomers, flared jacket, making the tall and sleek silhouette; the pointed toe strap on Muller shoes and pointed toe casual shoes, profiling the female magician which both carefree and romantic. The accessories, including bracelet, necklace, and earrings are also inspired by the circus, trailing the jump through fire hoops while using different layers to create fun, delicately responding to the spirit of this season which is daring to breakthrough and take on challenges. Handbags are inspired by the design of retro bowling bags. Covered in the original patterns which comprise of drawings of circus tiger, fire hoop, white pigeon, and curtain tail roses, a spectacular display of the Circus elements.

All images courtesy of Shiatzy Chen

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