DI PETSA Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

SS22 NOSTOS-TOUCH Collection

For the latest SS22 collection, titled “NOSTOS-TOUCH” DI PETSA presents a nostalgic reflection on intimate connection, looking back on the esoteric journey of the past year, through the darkness of isolation and periods of self-reflection, nostalgic for a time when we were touched. When designing the collection, Dimitra explains, there was a longing for closeness and touching, yet at the same time still apprehensions for embracing one another after so long. The collection this season, presented physically for the first time at Palais De Tokyo on the official Paris Fashion Week show schedule, explores this tension of touch but don’t touch, a desire to come close, but refrain- with a performance that pays homage to the journey of Odysseys, returning home by sea, which in Greek literature is called “Nostos”. Focusing on the part of the journey where Odysseys ties himself to the ship sail, so that he can hear the Sirens but not touch them, successfully escaping their enchanting call to destruction.

The performance set against a backdrop of a rocky sea shore, saw the vision of a woman emerge – the main temptress Siren– performed by London based musician LOLA (@lola_lolita) who led the performance with her hypnotic vocals, a vision of desire and temptation in a new gold shiny mesh fabrication of the Wetlook dress. The brands signature white Wetlook dress, was elevated this season encrusted with clear quartz crystals, a symbolism of purification for the Wet look bride. A more tailored application of the Wetlook was shown with a Wetlook shirt, that was twisted and draped around the body.

New drapery techniques were hand crafted, with intentional cut outs across the body, playing on the idea of conceal and reveal, wanting to be naked but also wanting to be clothed. The collection featured more luxurious silk evening wear gowns, with high neck pleated fronts, and diamond cut outs on the chest, in a sensual reveal of the skin.

Silk crop tops were knotted at the shoulders,paired with pleated skirts slashed on the thighs.Taking the single moment of a strap falling down one’s shoulder – this gesture inspired 3 iterations of the simple silk slip dress, that was transformed with exaggerated straps that tie around the body and wrap around the arm. Looks were further styled with blue ropes and sea knots- anchoring and grounding the collection,with a sense of safeness and containment.

Knitwear was introduced for the first time this season, through a knitted take on the Pre-SS22 collections Birthing Venus print – inspired by traditional lace making crafts in traditional Greek culture, fishnet holes were amplified in shapes across the body, to accentuate and flatter the natural curvature of the form, contrasting sheerness with denser knit. Made with a blend of organic black cotton and blue tencel yarn, the print glistened emerging, dripping from the sea – white cotton and silver/gold variations are also available for Bridal.

A playful approach to the masturbation denim saw red jeans incorporating large side straps to pull the wearer closer to you, paired with a breastfeeding corset, that focused cut outs on the under boob this season, to ease breastfeeding in public. New swimwear bathing suits were designed from sustainable ECONYL fabric, made from recycled water bottles in shimmery gold and black colourways.

This seasons jewellery, of anthropomorphic hand carved shells and birthing rings, were dipped in statement DI PETSA blue, and paired with natural healing crystals adorning the body as chokers, belly chains and statement necklaces.

All images courtesy of DI PETSA


Dimitra Petsa, Designer & Movement Direction

Sophie Rix, PR & Brand Manager

Assisted by: Claudia Laverack

Stephy Galvani, Stylist

Assisted by: Maelys Annovazzi, Perle Desloriez

Ibrahim Tarouhit @HYBRA, Casting Director

Assisted by: Conan Laurendot, Romuald Bes &DominykaAngelyte

Sylvie Macmillan, Nail Artist

Assisted by: Chloe Desmarchelier& Ines Ouldkaci

Sophie Jane Anderson @ Future Rep, Hair Stylist

Assisted by: Lucile Bertrand, Olivia Cochrane, Venner James, RyunoshinTomoyose

Fanny Maurer @Artlist, Make-up Artist

Assisted by: OceaneSusini& Julie Hoyez

Julien Cavallina, Set Design

Nicolas Huchard, Choreography


Nina Zem @ The Claw

Mariana Benenge @City

Serena @City

Jane @City

ZYA Iman @City

Alina Stashinova


Evelina Stoltidou

Hortense Ardalan

Jackie Shuya Tan

Justine Mae Biticon


Camelia Bourbon

LOLA @lola_lolita

Sophia Lee




Music performed by LOLA

LOLA, Piano

Vivek Menon, Violin

Written by LOLA & Eric Whitacre

Will Lister, Producer & Engineer

Iglooghost, Producer

Paul Godeau, Videography

Post-Production by BriacRagot

LéaCéline Heidi Vincent,Photography

Elsa Puangsudrac, Production by Farago Projects

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