Valentin Yudashkin Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

Valentin Yudashkin devotes the New Collection of the spring-summer 2022 season to the art of painting.

The theme of art has always inspired architects, designers and masters of applied art. Earlier, Maestro turned to the Russian avant-garde. This year, Valentin Yudashkin was inspired for the new collection by the works of great Spanish painter Juan Miro. Miro’s works have the freshness and easy of the perception of colors.

This made it possible to return to the era of the beginning of the XX century, rethink the images, but maintain the same emotional atmosphere filled with new ideas and trends of art. Lightness, airiness, simplicity and color were used in the new collection of the Season.

The main task was to find new forms, preserving the traditions of the Valentin Yudashkin Fashion House, namely the variety of colors, the use of embroidery, complex drapes and multi-layered sets. The collection presents new technological cotton fabrics used after recycling as well as mixed fabrics, such as cotton with wool and cotton with silk. Decoration of chiffon, muslin, gazar and silk tulle add lightness and charm to the images. Embroidery on dresses is created as a painting on canvas of the artist. The art of Juan Miro inspired Maestro to the new prints. A large palette of picturesque shades and design forms was used. The beige color plays an important role in the collection, as a color symbolizing the female body as a canvas of the artist.

All images courtesy of Valentin Yudashkin

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