Nehera Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

Do my eyes deceive me, you wonder. You slowly rub your eyes hoping that a little lubrication will bring more clarity. You look again with fresh eyes, yet the light rays recommence the subtle dance, the colors shimmer and readjust, the shapes distort and the textures vibrate. Suddenly you realize, there’s no deceiving happening here, this is a new reality. A reality in which meaning is not fixed, but a continuous performance between perspectives and perceptions.

NEHERA SS22 is inspired by the contemporary artists Libenský and Brychtová and their masterpiece “The Inner Light”. The Czechoslovak visionary couple revolutionized glass sculpting by exploring the materials’ contrasting characteristics: fragility and massiveness, color nuances and transparency, light sensitivity, and reflective abilities.

Following the Libenský and Brychtová method, the NEHERA SS22 shines with contrasting features that evolved into a softer, yet bolder wardrobe with a focus on cut. The collection plays with color depth, density and explores new and more diverse fabrics and forms to create styles that capture strong creative statements in timeless expressions.

The key of the collection is still in NEHERA’s signature tailoring that brings this time new and unique silhouette in fluid cuts and suits. Continuing the brand’s love for volume, SS22 brings generous straight-cut trousers easily combinable with an shaped no-visible-pocket blazer or with the vest jacket and deconstructed sleeveless jacket. The same jackets with bow leg tapered trousers create a less formal look. The novelties are the slim boot cut pants for a more feminine and up-to-date silhouette.

Tops are more contemporary thanks to a wider range of manufacturing. Shirts have diverse cuts to match different stylings: sleeveless A-shaped, wide straight long sleeve shirt, boxy volumes 3-quarter kimono sleeve shirt. Dresses include a to-the-body silhouette as well as a generous volume which is a hallmark of NEHERA.

The high-quality fabrics are the essential layer that creates the flow between the inner and outer light. The collection plays with textures like 3 completely different types of linen: classic 100% linen, luxury linen wool-silk and sophisticated crushed linen-cotton. There is a cotton & paper trench novelty, waterproof double face or light reflecting viscose satin. The knitwear is straightforward yet exquisite. The extra light summer pieces are made of cotton viscose along with 100% cotton yarn knitted with Lycra for small fitted tops.

NEHERA SS22 collection captures that subtle inner light charge that makes the NEHERA Woman shine inwardly and outwardly.


The essence of NEHER A is functional comfort. Relying on creativity and innovation to create exceptional fashion that remains elegant, regardless of the evanescent trends. In a fashion world obsessed with More, NEHER A uncovers the beauty in Less. With a twist. The timelessness of the designs is reflected in the quality of materials. Along with local craftsmen, every fiber is carefully reviewed to match the most rigorous sustainability benchmark.

NEHERA’s culture champions spontaneity, vitality, and sustainability, while the creations feel grounded and unassuming. Removing the unnecessary, and the superfluous to reveal graceful designs that are honest, unique, and quietly compelling. Understated elegance is balanced by emotive gestures. NEHERA is an independent Slovak brand that revived the heritage of the famous Czechoslovak brand that flourished in the 1930s and made history worldwide in the integration of design, production, and retail.

The artisanal tradition of the Czechoslovak textile industry goes back to the first ready-to-wear factory established in 1868, mainland Europe in Prostejov, the Moravian hometown of Jan Nehera.

All images courtesy of Nehera


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