Marrknull Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week

2022 Spring/Summer collection takes us back to the summer time. The distorted reality is reflected in the spray.Beneath the shimmering waves is MARRKNULL‘s symphony with water drops, stirring up ripples in our hearts in the post-epidemic era. We create a fantasy world of summer and pleasure, reminiscing about the time we used to play around the water.

We continues to trace the architectural aesthetics of postmodernism and break the inherent aesthetic framework with a new perspective. Moreover, the brand’s iconic concept of spatial dislocation has also been more comprehensively expressed the oblique coat is presented in a structured way of folding, and the sense of dislocation is strengthened visually through the stitching of fabrics in different directions, creating new possibilities in every daily wear and creating a new female image.From the pool to the shore, people’s different states during swimming are also integrated into the design. From the swimming ring to the shower head, the deconstruction and reorganization have taken on a new look in the context of fashion. When the clothes are wringing, the wrinkles on the cloth are transformed into the structure of the clothes. The irregular cut crystal beads are arranged in an irregular way on the clothes flow, collision and conflict, expressing the state of water droplets falling on the body. For print, the chiffon fabric is stacked and combined with the pattern of swans splashing in the lake in summer, bringing coolness into the show. Diamond-outlined dolphins adorn the lace-up tops, playful yet delicate. In accessories, we and YVMIN have made a new interpretation of the traditional swimming nose clip, earplug and earmuff with metal material and jewelry. Cooperated with SOFT PEOPLE AREA to create deconstructed swimming goggles and explore new possibilities of traditional sports equipment.

This season we finds fun in reality, rejecting the inherent dualism of either ugly or beautiful and throwing away the concept of redundancy. The dislocated structural lines and deconstructed pieces shows the brand’s collision philosophy. We combines gorgeous court clothes with sporty swimming equipment — the mass — produced industrial products and baroque patterns with aristocratic symbols are integrated to break the boundary of different layer, present the mutual integration of different beauty.

All images courtesy of Marrknull

Styling: Jamie-Maree Shipton Executive Assistant: Yawen Junior Assistant: Ricky Show Director: Amy Chan Y.W. Make-up: Valentina Li @Visuelle Hair: WeiJun Lou Music: Lick Casting: Moy @Sparrow, Production: Li Xiao @Sparrow, Cara @Liedown Photography: Jia Cheng Video Diector: Haishen Team Accessory Collaborate: Yvmin Soft People Area Press: Dia & Autrement PR

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