Magliano Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Milano Men’s Fashion Week


Magliano’s imaginative machine is once again set in motion, this time for a reverse path, with a collection that tells of encounters, amorous and otherwise, in a nocturnal, lunar atmosphere, with a sense of solitude, melancholic.

If in the past the social fresco staged characters naturally or artificially connected to their soil – to their everyday universe – in this case we have to act against the rules: everything happens upside down.

The scenario devised by Michele Rizzo takes place at the ARCI Bellezza, the set for the boxing scenes in “Rocco e i suoi fratelli” by maestro Luchino Visconti, one of the fathers of Italian neo-realism and as well as contemporary Italian cinema. A raw, ferocious film about a mysterious, cruel Milan, where the encounter is physical, brutal, violent, it takes place in theboxing ring.

And it is precisely on this idea of different declinations of encounter that the imagery is fulfilled. The exasperated logic of the appointment transforms the special density of the fighting ring into a bed where, guided by the unconsciousness of languor, pyjamas, dinner jackets, Swarovski-like glitter, gold lurex, star prints are manifested. But there are also raw materials, felt, shetland, wools, which insulate and protect.

The awakening is a nocturnal awakening, a place placed under protection by the different. ‘One is born old and one dies a child’. This union of several elements in a wrong way is ‘the time of the feast’. An inner or social place of wandering, of old sheets and blankets, of meeting outfits.

All images courtesy of Magliano

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