Vien Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Milano Men’s Fashion Week

Men’s Collection Fall Winter 2022/23

“Punk is a word used by dilettantes, and heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies and the bodies and the souls and the time and the minds of young men who give what they have to it.. and give everything they have to it and it’s a term that is based on contempt, it’s a term that is based in fashion, elitism, satanism and everything that is rotten about rock & roll” Iggy Pop

The Vìen Men’s collection for the FW22/23 returns to concepts dear to Vincenzo Palazzo’s aesthetic research, a research that never disregards the choice of a specific soundtrack, proving that all sensory experiences go to build the mood of each Vìen collection. To define the outfits and their energy, Palazzo has chosen for the lookbook some folks with a strong character, a unique personality, ppeoples of Putignano’s life and old time’s friends.

The reference icon is Johnny Rotten, between the end of the Sex Pistols and the post-punk of PIL. His uniform is a men’s tailoring, almost cotourish, where hand-built garments are dismantled to be rebuilt with industrial techniques. The wardrobe develops around the classics of the brand: the formal dress is stitched with a padded patternand workwear trousers with pockets, the jacket opens up with a zip on the back, reconstructingcompletely the various elements, be it a jacket or trousers. The trench coat remains a classicin black gabardine, full of details and with specific constructions, with double lapeland double strap on the wrist and forearm. The chevron coat has hidden buttons and zipped cuffs. The white poplin shirt has a French collar or a large one, almost oversized. The Vìen sweatshirt has been opened completely and becomes a cardigan with the use of a brass hook of military inspiration. The baseball-inspired tshirt has over proportions with a skatevibe.

The trousers are classic for men with contrasting heel plates, or it is a kilt, completely open, with new features, like a sarong; the collectible denim where the construction is completely visible and used as a decorative detail with the exposed selvedge and the metalwork as a decorative device. Black, off white, gray, red and royale blue, vintage colors inspired by the nineties tracksuits. New dress codes.

The new video moodboard is built on fragments of videos taken from old VHS, from interviews and backstage of Iggy Pop in the late Seventies, another Postpunk reference.


Vìen was born from the multidisciplinary creative project of Vincenzo Palazzo. The new wave of creativity that combines tailoring with streetwear for a wardrobe of postmodern classics. Vìen opens a discussion on the frenetic succession of collections, proposing archetypes with a timeless allure and contemporary attitude. Details of constructions as in the New Atelier. A conscious thought on the sense of the feminine. A schizophrenic idea of male and female. Cover and discover. Mix genres and items. The character of the individual becomes an essential condition of style.

All Images courtesy of Vien

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