Revenant RVNT Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Milano Men’s Fashion Week


An intimidating phone call is the first scene of Revenant rv nt Fall-Winter 2022/2023, three boys are projected into a distant and ambiguous reality, it is the trailer of a real horror movie: the appointment in the woods soon turns into a nightmare .. goal to set up a fashion show in 24 hours!

A bitter smile has just stood out on the faces of the insiders who, more consciously, understand the reason of the collection’s title and its digital presentation with clearly “ironic not iconic” features.

Time is not enough, the public demanding, the press eager to judge the works presented, Revenant rv nt smiles about drama typical of the fashion system and does so with the choice of a photograph in shades of pink, the vision is the one of whom have shared the creative spirit with the brand in this season to create a perfect combination of Chain and Mangas.

In the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 collection is proposed the Wolf Chain artwork: the iconic chain, now a distinctive symbol of the brand, is presented in an interpretation where to be intertwined are brambles and wolf teeth, inspired by imaginaries of dark culture. New variants of Flower Chain and Snake Chain complete an assortment for an increasingly vast audience.

An opportunity of great enthusiasm for the brand is represented by the collaboration with tattoo star Brando Chiesa, who enjoys to give his version of artwork Chain and transforms it into a chain animated by two of his famous comic girls and a skull instead of the padlock, providing a perfect synthesis of the creative study of the two designers. Brando also tries his hand at reinterpreting the Revenant rv nt logo, offering it in a gothic version, even here the nuances are those that most belong to him, with dominating pink tones.

Revenant rv nt continues its journey by landing in prestigious international boutiques and in recent seasons has the privilege of adding Department stores such as Simons in Canada, Harvey Nichols in Qatar, Beymen in Turkey and Ego in Egypt to its customer list. The placements and collaborations with various influencers and famous artists from the world of music also continue, and with television programs such as X-Factor and Amici.

Revenant rvnt is a trademark owned by TBF Limited Srl, a company established in 2011 and operating in the field of design and public relations within the luxury fashion industry. Andrea Bencistà Falorni is the operational manager, while Tommaso Bencistà Falorni is in charge of the creative direction. For Tommaso, this is an actual return to the clothing sector; not surprisingly, the name chosen for the brand is Revenant, that is, “the one who returns”. The brand debuted with the spring / summer 2019 collection.

All images courtesy of Revenant RVNT

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