KB Hong Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Milano Men’s Fashion Week

KB Hong, the luxury menswear line by the K-BOXING group, makes its third appearance on the official calendar of Milan Fashion Week.

The KB HONG FW 22/23 collection expresses the elegance of the oriental aesthetic through a variety of cinematic techniques. Inspired by timeless classics, these items of clothing explore and pay homage to oriental elegance. Focusing on the East by looking to the world: this is the aim of the luxury KB HONG line by K-BOXING, inspired by the theme of “Orientalism chic”. The Loong, the traditional oriental dragon motif carved in jade, is reinterpreted with a modern twist through artistic, geometric creations with a contemporary design, which unite the vision of international fashion with oriental aesthetics, while also focussing on the needs of the contemporary cosmopolitan man, a lover of clean lines and timeless elegance.

The KB HONG Fall/Winter 2022 collection expresses its DNA in a celebration of high quality and timeless style in menswear. Its unique blend of cultural charm and futuristic inspiration is conveyed through ingenious artistic creations exploring the endless potential of integrating an oriental aesthetic with Italian elegance. In the fashion video presented on the Camera Moda website, mysterious “explorers” from another dimension meet and clash in the chaos, deeply attracted to the mysterious and captivating culture of the east. Innate elegance and finesse take shape through the motif of the jade Loong, a symbol of brilliance in oriental culture. In an interplay of light and shadow, the “explorers” travel between two planes, where fashion gives them a new identity, smashing the chains of dimensional space and allowing them to reach a higher dimension.

The 38 looks in the collection epitomise the brand’s focus on quality and attention to detail. The traditional Chinese overlapping collar is brought back, as is the silhouette of Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing. Colours are kept simple as black and grey mix with traditional oriental colours such as red and jade green, while the futuristic lamé fabrics evoke an unparalleled sense of luxury. The superior quality materials feature customised motifs, hallmark KB HONG tartans and fabrics printed with the Loong motif. The design, quality and craftsmanship of the latest luxury Chinese clothing is evident in each unique and stylish piece.

All images courtesy of KB Hong

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