Children of the Discordance Spring Summer 2023 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

For the fifth consecutive season, Japanese brand Children of the discordance, which has debuted in Milan calendar in July 2020 on the occasion of Milan Digital Fashion Week edition, will present its collection at Milan Fashion Week in a digital format.

“It will be my fifth time participating. I still think digital it is a great format for people to get to know our brand. In the last 2 years, I have learned a lot from producing Children of the discordance’s fashion movies. I have learned a lot from video production, and I feel that making the movies and unveiling my collections through digital has changed the very way I design and plan my collections” said Shikama Hideaki, Children of the discordance’s creative director.

The seasonal fashion film will be titled, as the collection, AREA AREA, and will be directed once again by Keita Suzuki, already director of the movies released in the last three seasons by the brand. AREA AREA will depict the atmosphere of Yokohama’s hip-hop culture inspired by the rap/hip-hop band OZROSAURUS’s anthem AREA AREA, and will recall the years heading towards the new millenium, unveiling the intermingling of a time in perpetual evolution with the language of the present.

“The main inspiration for SS23 is Yokohama, the city where I was born and raised. I spent the 90’s in this city and I incorporated elements of Yokohama 90’s culture in every detail of the collection. As a harbour town located west of Tokyo, Yokohama is home to American West Coast culture, reggae, and hip-hop. My identity was shaped by graffiti art, pinstriping on custom cars, low riders, skaters, surfers, and hip-hop dance. Al these forms of street culture were naturally coexisting in the city producing a unique and vibrant Japanese subculture”.

A tribute Shikama’s experience of Yokohama 90’s culture, SS23 embodies the designer’s memories, fabrics and graphics from that time and tells the story behind the encounter between fashion and street culture.

SS23 will present digital printed original fabrics created by the brand and inspired by Yokohama’s graffiti wall indeed. The collection will also feature a collaboration with graffiti writer SUI. As a liaison to previous collections, SS23 will experiment with vintage fabric and dead stock, with focus on leather. 70’s to 80’s leather coats are reconstructed to leather vest, shorts, and panel for denim pants.

As in past seasons, the collection will bring forward Children of the discordance’s signature gradation of black and white and its experimentations on faded nuances and grey shades, ranging from charcoal grey to light grey.

About: Children of the discordance

Children of the discordance starts in 2011 as a collective of three friends who, between hip-

hop and hard-core music, create a customised shirt, making the one and only piece never

seen before and produce original patches and screen prints for original t-shirts.

In 2013, Children of the discordance, whose brand name acknowledges the resistance of

the designer to conform with common fashion and music trends, becomes a solo project

with Shikama Hideaki continuing the brand on his own. The vintage bandanas appear first

in 2014, used in small parts on the clothing, each with a distinct pattern to make each piece

unique and with a unique impression.

Since the outset, Shikama has made use of fair-trade materials from EZLN in Mexico,

Hirbawi Textile Factory in Palestina and Burkina Faso for his collections.

Children of the discordance works with vanishing archives, taking the pieces apart, chopping them up and preserving the useable parts, and reconstructing into a wearable piece.

Today, Shikama sources bandanas from countries all over the world such as from USA,

India, Pakistan, France, and the Netherlands and uses around 20,000 pieces of bandanas

in one year for production, combining them with his own graphics and original textile designs

to continue creating the one and only product that expresses his and his creations’


All images courtesy of Children of The Discordance

PR Agency UNCND Milan

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