Magliano Spring Summer 2023 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

A long and exhausting night comes abruptly to an end. It is followed by the dawn, soft and gentle, then intense and bursting, which enters and illuminates, lights up, without asking permission. How sweet is the awakening?

Darkness embraces, conceals, soothes. It is sensual, sexual, erotic. It is mysterious. It is drunk, like the deconstructed jackets, disassembled and then reassembled with recycled scarves knotted loosely around the jackets themselves.

The lace and linen pajama suits are sexy and essential, their shapes simplified, synthetic, almost minimal.

 The garments wrap, envelop, and ask: can clothes heal wounds? The answer is uncertain and passes through the prints inspired by anti-retroviral pharmacological therapies.

The awakening is sudden, confusing, overwhelming. The light blinds, and only outlines are visible. Silk organza combines with cotton, sometimes overlapping others freely, to speak of the inescapable themes of work, the workshop, the blue-collar world.

The effect is a penumbra on the clothes, a phantom surface that exaggerates the silhouettes of the garments and loses itself in the light effects created in the location of the show, a high andmedium voltage Enel transformation cabin that has been disused for fifty years.

A memory resurfaces melancholically as a souvenir of a happy moment. The Hawaiian shirts are a tribute to faraway places, talismans of joy, shirts made of old shirts that recall memories of an uncertain past.

The collection is fluid, rough, crumpled. Inside those garments, someone has dreamt there.

Magliano Spring Summer 2023, all images courtesy of Magliano

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