44 Label Group Spring Summer 2023 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

44 Label Group Spring Summer 2023 presents Full of Fire. Founder in berlin in 2020 as a facet of dreamers factory, 44 Label Group is the Brainchild of German techno artist and producer Max Kobosil. Leading with a cult following of nocturnal ravers, artists and underground revelers worldwide. “Full of Fire” is 44 Label Group’s sophomore full runway collection. Presented for the first time this season as part of the official Calendar of Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2023.

“Full of Fire” is rooted in a philosophical reckoning: the process of self-renewal, without allowing anyone of anything to box you into one singular realm or categarize you for their own understanding.

On another level, the concept of “Full of Fire” also reflects upon transformation – birthing positive emotions out of the negative. letting go of the past and blazing forward with knowledge acquired to create a new path. Lit by fire and experience. Bringing those with similar mindsets and motives along for a winding, soul expansive journey.

As is this mantra, the products themselves are not boxed into one simple category. They morph and involve a multitude of elaborate and intricate textures, just as their wearer do.

The t-shirt is where eveything began for 44 Label Group and it remains the core force around which everything else revolves.

The brand’s centerpiece evolves into an eponymous statement, a facet running through the entirety of the collection: t-shirt are hung around and attached directly to trousers, shorts, and skirts; decomposed, disassembled, re-assembled, patchworked, raw-edged, double layered, and detailed.

seemingly conflicting materials crash agaist each other with a determined weight; all details are presented with purpose rather than flourish.

washed cottons, over-dyed ultralight nylons, torn transparencies, metallic facets, and excessively multi-pocketed utilitarian pieces make a debut. with all-over gigantic prints featuring skulls, bones, and 3-D embroidered and embedded spines appearing against oiled black surfaces and newly introduced all-consuming colours on genderless silhouettes.

Seamless bodywork, magma melted shades and a utilitarian attitude take the wearer from day to night and back again.All pieces have seen a lot of life in their formation and are made with the purpose to see even more. Their beauty lies in their complication, our power lies in our breadth of expansion.

All images courtesy of 44 Label Group

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