Accidental Cutting SS23 at London Fashion Week

“Emptiness”, Eva Iszoro’s new collection for Accidental Cutting SS23, aims to convey concepts of isolation, the passage of time, endings, youth, and old age. In short, it is a reflection on life and death. Although the act of mourning takes center stage in this collection, and is quite topical following the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, the collection was designed before this event occurred. At the same time, there is room for a more positive interpretation referring to pleasant summer moments of relaxation or a floating sensation. For Accidental Cutting SS23 collection, a well-defined setting is created, a veritable capsule or isolated bubble, where a specific microclimate is created within.

Although the project was created entirely in virtual reality, the avatars correspond to real people of different ages and have been obtained through processes of photogrammetry and retopology. One of these people has a very personal meaning for the designer of Emptiness, and the collection of Accidental Cutting SS23 is a sort of tribute to this person. At the same time, it embraces the idea that fashion and design should not be limited to bodies that have a standardized age or appearance.

Most of the garments in this collection are created using unique patterns of irregular shapes with no specific sizes, and can be adjusted to any body type using straps and belts. “Emptiness” is not just a fashion collection but also an artistic virtual reality experiment.


ACCIDENTAL CUTTING is a fashion brand and an experimental pattern cutting method, created by Eva Iszoro. The method is focused on finding original and nonexistent volumes through random and accidental abstract patterns.

Since 2020, Eva Iszoro has explored virtual reality as a means of creating and communicating through fashion, and of generating digital artworks.


3D design, direction_Eva Iszoro

Assistant_Raúl Navalón

3D consulting_ Jorge Cerrada

Music_ Johnny Paradiso

Avatars by_Muriel Sequier, Helena Piñeiro, Vicky Kaz

Avatar photogrammetry_Digital Peris

Avatar retopology _Jorge Cerrada, Eva Iszoro, Raúl Navalón

All images courtesy of Accidental Cutting

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