Magliano Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Magliano Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, A glance towards an inner place preserves a fragility that is never concealed. Piled-up chairs, hovering, become walls, protecting an unequal humanity. Domestic objects speak of people. If they are empty, the chairs express lack and loneliness: an audience that is not there.

An introspective reflection lays bare an emotional heart. The garments are missing one piece, the one that covers the chest. They act like cardigans and suggest open-heartedness. Dark and dusty colours speak of shadows and backlighting. Many greys, in different declinations. Pink is not joyful either. Pastels take on dramatic nuances, few things are precise for Magliano Fall Winter 2023 – 2024.

The garments intersect, intertwine, knot, transform. They are undecided and dynamic. Jackets with buttonholes and adjustable pockets disrupt the structure of the great classics. Silhouettes are revised, especially trousers. Must-haves are reworked with new elements: stormy drapes shelter from the outside world, tropical jackets protect from all weather. Wool jersey, tulle, nylon crepe, bamboo fabric and fleece alternate and combine in complex ways. New are the mohair t-shirts and tank tops.

A typically feminine sensibility broadens horizons to include everyone. Voluptuous tops and sinuous dresses speak of sensuality to anyone who will listen. The new high heels are proof of this.

Surplus moves on two axes: old military blankets are transformed into coats and reconditioned cashmere garments convey a rather personal idea of elegance that is now rooted. Luxury is nothing more than a gesture. The filling of the puffer jackets is completely biodegradable, made from flowers – Magliano Fall Winter 2023 – 2024.

A lot of denim, dedicated to the workshop, and utility wear. The climax of the homage to the world of work comes from the collaboration with U-power, a leading manufacturer of safety footwear, and celebrates Magliano’s hero: the worker. A tribute to what is most chic for Magliano: labour, “il travaglio”, as they say in dialect.

For the music, artist and composer Pan Daijing draws on her album Jade. Symphonies of biomechanical sounds punctuated by a few intense spoken words: ‘I take my bath in the ocean / I can’t get out’. Another paradox, this time of scale, is revealed: the bathroom wall becomes the entire horizon.

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