Revenant rv nt Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Revenant rv nt Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 present NO ITALY NO PARTY | Featuring EMAN RUS @Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

Revenant rv nt has the pleasure and honor of presenting NO ITALY NO PARTY on the official Milan Fashion Week calendar, a frenetic zapping that reveals all the emotions of EMAN RUS, guest designer who signs the collaboration for the Revenant rv nt Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection rv nt.

REDIVIVO (Ita) – Survived; Survivor.| From lat. Redivivus’restored, renewed’. Who returns after a long absence; Back to new life.

An irreverent cross between Revenant rv nt and the masked artist, in line with the identity of the brand and the work of Eman Rus, all seasoned with a special reference to the American sitcom of the 90s: sitting in first row on the sofa at home, the televised fashion show in which Eman Rus participates quickly turns into a compulsive zapping that intersperses the catwalk with sexual documentary t-shirts and sweatshirts, surreal football matches and frivolous news reports.

In all this, the distraction and involvement of Eman Rus are manifested in equally compulsive actions in which we all recognize ourselves: from the euphoric cry to the team’s goal, to the devouring of popcorn and fizzy drinks, to the manicure.

NO ITALY NO PARTY tells an all-Italian cross-section, colorful and full of nonsense, which Eman Rus and Revenant rv nt have ridden to create provocative illustrations such as that of the Holy Father rolling a joint with the acronym LGBT tattooed on his fingers.

Revenant rv nt Fall Winter 2023 – 2024, The collection, together with the provocative graphics of Eman Rus, is completed with classic graphics of Revenant rv nt proposed with new colors.

Revenant rv nt thus continues its journey as an ironic not iconic brand, presenting itself in prestigious international boutiques and Department Stores and strengthening its online presence, synonymous with ever greater direct contact with its customers.


Graphic designer and digital creator, he could be defined as a professional photoshopper, he has always wanted to remain anonymous about his true identity and has never shown a photo of himself.

His photomontages have become increasingly focused on Italian everyday life made up of nonsense, political communication at an all-time low and satire. We saw him live in Milan at the Apollo in an event that was halfway between an artistic performance and a party.

Company Profile Revenant rv nt

Revenant rvnt is a brand owned by TBF Limited Srl, a company founded in 2011 that operates in the field of design and public relations in the luxury segment. Andrea Bencistà Falorni takes care of operations, Tommaso Bencistà Falorni follows the creative direction. For Tommaso it is a real return to fashion, not surprisingly the choice of the name Revenant, which means precisely “the one who returns”.

The brand made its debut with the spring/summer 2019 collection.

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