Botter Fall Winter 2023 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week


Botter Fall Winter 2023 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Understanding the Caribbean culture and diaspora, its essential to understand the psychological response of the people to coping with challenges presented by many forms of transience. Needing to survive hundred miles away from home.

Creolization is the force that brings human cultures into relation with one another, a process of relation that neither reduces the other to the same, nor resolves itself in a concrete, unchanging form.

The question of ‘who am I’ becomes loaded within the cultural and racial themes, which are not found with the same intensity in the European setting.

The young Caribbean generation is finding solid ground by creating a new wave of art, sound and communication, carrying the weight of the history and culture while their reality is now.

Through Botter Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collections, Botter refer to this process by which elements of cross-cultural patterns are blended together to create something new. Mixing influences, codes and colors into a new proposition. Approaching fashion with it proclaimed Caribbean Couture spirit, creating something from nothing.

It’s the simplicity and directness that counts, bags made from recycled bicycle saddles, embracing their worn out details as something precious rather than trash. Garments that blend the seasonal codes of winter and summer into one.

Botter Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 propose the winter version of colors palette, garments made in the Botter Blue brand colour, inspired by the emerald, turquoise Caribbean Sea. Embracing more earthy tones together with the acid colors of corals and fishes you find in the darkest hours, in the deepest waters.

Today Botter, present together with Reebok a concept sneaker. Taking its unusual look from the Murex seashell used by the Greek Goddess Venus to comb her hair. The core of the shape is an evolution of the first Botter “Banker” shoe designed in 2017, with a Reebok football boot silhouette used as the basis to create from.

The free-flowing form that encapsulates the shoe has been created in collaboration with HP using its most cutting-edge 3D printing technology to engineer the unique sneaker. The Reebok x Botter Sneaker is an opening of a wonderful project. The new partnership with HP 3D Printing aims to create product that sits at the intersection of innovation, sustainability and luxury and this is just the first step.

Words Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter

PR Agency Lucien Pages Communication

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