songzio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

songzio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 fall collection present reflexion.

songzio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection, titled reflexion , captures the coexisting dualities in human soul. Sometimes visible, yet sometimes invisible, this collection brings out the perplex senses and Emotions that coexist within us. This collection is a self reflection of who we are and who we appear to be.

Design and making of songzio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024

This collection is a portrait of a boy gladiator: heart and spirit of a gladiator yet in reflection, a delicate appearance. The very composed and orderly pieces such as the armor-like pleated jackets, wide plackets in the shape of breastplates, and skirt pants inspired by roman skirts emanate a gladiator-like appearance.

However, behind the multi layered garments, the disorderly a symmetrical drapes, and silhouet tes, while carefully constructed, represent the heart in chaos.

This season’s central artwork titled reflexion-image of a young boy in self reflection- is subtly present throughout the collection, applied from songzio’s atelier through embroidery and gradation silk screen.

The double layered pieces, some in one piece, and some in two detachable pieces, represent the idea of duality. Heavy in stillness, yet fluid in motion, these layered pieces converge very different textures and designs into one single harmonious piece.

Entirely hand made  from songzio’s ateliers  in Seoul, this collection stresses on the savoir-faire of songzio house. From the original artwork, bold and asymmetrical drapes, deep pleats and folds, meticulous embroideries to hand painted leather & jersey, the touch of hand plays an important role in developing this self reflective collection.

For songzio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 dominated by black and brown hues with strokes of turquoise and lime green, this collection is noted for its heavy use of vegan leather, aluminum coated leather, and metallic fabrics to create a dual appearance: antique yet futuristic, rough yet refined, dark yet gleaming.

Brand songzio

Founded in 1993 in seoul, songzio finds its unique identity through its creative process, paint on black. Every collection begins on a black canvas where the collection’ s foundational artwork is painted.

A sense of duality permeates through songzio s art and collection. With its avant garde patternmaking & draping, unique silhouet te, and artisanal applications of songzio’s original artworks, songzio creates a sense of western modernism coexisting in oriental elegance.

Heavy in stillness, yet fluid in motion, songzio’s collections converge opposing aesthetics: sharp yet delicate, rough yet elegant, dark yet ablaze.

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