FACETASM Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week


FACETASM Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

The FACETASM collection has the theme of days in transition inspired by “Stay Gold”, a song and phrase popularised from the film The Outsiders.

The Paris Fashion Week presentation took place on Thursday 19th of January, showing a strong collection and teasing for the first time upcoming collaborations with partner brands such as 66° North, Alcantara, G-SHOCK and New Era.

FACETASM brings their signature deconstructed aesthetic to the virtues of resilience in the newest collaboration between the Japanese brand and Icelandic performance brand 66° North.

The brands use colors inspired by the Icelandic, mountainous terrain as their color palette as well as a mix of Japanese and Icelandic volcanoes as integral patterns and names throughout the collection.

66°North was founded in 1926 as a matter of survival for Icelandic fishermen and soon thereafter Icelandic search and rescue teams. Quality, durability, performance, and necessity are our enduring values due to the near-mythical challenges of the unpredictable Icelandic climate and because, as a small nation, our customers have always been our friends, family, and neighbors.

FACETASM designer Hiromichi says “Iceland as a country has a beauty to it that I always longed to visit someday. It has a sense of affinity with Japan, the country that I am living. So it’s been interesting to look into the similarities.

Through this collaboration with 66°North, I feel it can fully expresses the value of both FACETASM and 66°North, both the happiness and warmth that both of these brands hold.

The FACETASM x 66°North Katla Down Jacket hold the perfect balance between our two brands. The functionality and warmth of 66North and FACETASM signature design.” More to come regarding this upcoming capsule collection.

FACETASM Fall Winter 2023 – 2024, Alcantara unveiled its new fashion collaboration with the Japanese high-end street style brand FACETASM during Men’s Fashion Week on January 19th at La Place.

FACETASM Creative Director Hiromichi Ochiai has enhanced the characteristics of the luxurious soft-touch material through the FW23 collection STAY GOLD, creating some unique pieces made in Alcantara of avant-garde inspiration but always with a focus on tailor-made details.

The Japanese brand perfectly interprets the versatility of the material by making it the protagonist of the most representative outfits of the runway: the main features consist of bold colours of Violet, Orange, Ruby Red, Goya, Baby Gray* and fringe trims combined with delicate laser cutting customization of floral patterns.

A big collar and a long sleeve shrug play the central role of accessory-pieces which represents Mr. Ochiai’s desire to “Play with Clothes.”, by deconstructing classic pieces, he creatsing different and unexpected garments, materials and colors combinations.

In addition, the lace liked material and complex layering seeing which can be seen in the iconic oversized Ma-1 and bikers jackets, purple asymmetric dress, and selections of shirts, set up tailored jacket and trousers allowed Alcantara to stand out within the collection.

Thanks to Alcantara, the values of the tailoring and of innovative fashion, which have always inspired the strategy of FACETASM, emerge even more in the garments of FACETASM Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection.


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