MOSSI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week

MOSSI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week presents Go dancing on the moon

For the Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, MOSSI explores representations of weightlessness. Mossi Traoré has had a passion for dance since childhood.  After a collaboration with the prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot, muse of the MOSSI campaign “Stars of the Moon” in 2018.

The creative director wanted to continue this dialogue with the performing arts by paying tribute to the first discipline he encountered: hip-hop.  The spinning and sliding choreographies of hip-hop have, over time, evoked in Mossi Traoré an obvious link with his attraction to space.  From hip-hop dance that is practiced on the ground, to space exploration that evokes the absence of limits, Mossi Traoré deploys a single artistic universe suspended in time: a dance on the moon.

Through references to the cosmonaut outfit, MOSSI offers a new version of the genderless uniform, this time very assertive in MOSSI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection.  By borrowing from this now unavoidable figure of pop culture, Mossi Traoré questions the transition from dream to reality, making the cosmonaut uniform an everyday item of clothing, inclusive and empowering.  The heroism that emerges from this costume with extra-terrestrial and geopolitical connotations invites reflection on the place of clothing in the collective imagination as well as on the ability of uniforms to enhance individuals.

MOSSI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection, the MOSSI silhouette deploys its volumes.  The clothes are padded to reinforce the swelling of the textiles and to operate a game of tension between the rigidity of the silhouettes and the comfort of the wide cuts, reinforced by the brand’s signature dolman sleeves.  The architectural and stiff lines give way this season to rounded curves evoking space capsules.

Patterns and materials, Raw denim is the flagship fabric of the season, used for quilted pieces for which Japanese canvas is often reinforced with wadding for a shiny effect.

Some pieces, including pants with cable-crossed ends and a long tank top dress, provide a trompe l’oeil effect in denim but are in fact made of Indian cotton canvas.  This cotton comes from India, where Mossi Traoré goes regularly, and was handcrafted by weavers with whom the creative director is happy to collaborate in order to pay tribute to their know-how which requires several months of manual work before the  matter is completed.  A tunic inspired by the pattern of a sweatshirt, also made in Indian canvas, reverses the proportions from the bottom up for a fluid streetwear style.

Purple denim is entering the brand’s palette as well as an orange version with bright or deliberately tarnished shades.  The diamond cut, emblematic of MOSSI, is available on signature tops as well as through the geometric quilting found on the wide pants.

Patchwork games of different materials obtained from fabric scraps are developed on tunics and asymmetrical tops.

The trapeze dress renewed differently each season is this time made of mylar.  For the first time, the studio has focused on tailored pieces and know-how, even though the blurring techniques remain present in the crumpling method applied to the puffed sleeves as well as the pleated skirt worn over jeans.  .

Presentation of the collection

For the presentation of MOSSI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection, Mossi Traoré called on his longtime friends: the members of the dance collective Yudat [Y’a Un Debut À Tout] active on the Hip-Hop scene since 2003. Nine dancers from the collective (  presentation of the dancers below) will reproduce the famous dance competitions by inviting models dressed in the new collection to participate in order to completely reproduce the MOSSI universe on the moon.  The Battle will be hosted by journalists Nidhya Paliakara and Vanessa Le Moigne as well as singer Mai Lan.

The presentation will be accompanied by a cocktail organized by the Thierry Marx cooking school;  integration school promoting rural areas and with which Mossi Traoré maintains close ties due to the social approach similar to that of Ateliers Alix, a school of haute couture and integration founded by the designer in 2015. The scenography of the presentation  was created by graffiti artist Yellow Boombap, exhibited at the Hip-Hop Museum in New York in 2012 and named Zulu King by the cultural movement Zulu Nation in 2010. Here for last MOSSI collection

All images MOSSI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection by Mossi

Photographer Luca Tombolini

PR Agency Angelo Sensini Communication

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