Accidental Cutting Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Barcelona Fashion Week

The Accidental Cutting Madrid Brand, is pioneer in exploiting virtual reality on the most important fashion catwalks since it presented its first virtual collection at London Fashion Week in September 2020. This season he has done it again, making the proposal entirely from Accidental Cutting and without external collaborators, while the vast majority of other brands continue to bet on digital formats, recording real models and garments.

At the moment, despite the situation of social isolation and economic disaster that the COVID 19 pandemic has generated, virtual reality is not being exploited in general by the brands that walked on the catwalks of London, Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo, despite offering enormous advantages from the perspective of sustainability and also on a creative and communication level.

Actually, it is much safer to opt for virtual catwalks without public attendance than for conventional physical presentations in which it is required to control the capacity. It is also cheaper to bet on a virtual reality production without the need to produce an entire collection, and later only physically make some models as a necessity. Virtual garments can not only be exhibited in a presentation or catwalk, they also have commercial applications and can be hosted in the designer’s online store. The colors of the products can be easily changed, animated or camera turns can be applied for a better expose with 360º turns. Finally, virtual reality allows camera zooms and zooms that in the physical world would be subject to immense costs. Also the use of materials, fabrics without limits and defying gravity, which opens new possibilities for the exploitation of fashion in its most artistic aspect.

The only other brands that have opted for virtual reality in the most relevant catwalks worldwide in this last edition have been: OqLiq, Pizzaslime (NY), Philipp Plein, Bacon, Furla (Milan). Others who have not taken advantage of virtuality in clothing have opted for virtual settings in their exhibitions or part of them, as they have done: C + SERIES (NY); Balmain (Paris); Annakiki, Salvatore Ferragamo (Milan).  

But this aspect is not the only reason why the Accidental Cutting brand stands out from the rest, but also the fact that in the collections its own experimental pattern design method is also called Accidental Cutting, which is the intellectual property of Eva Iszoro, the founder of the clothing brand. This method is aimed at discovering non-existent volumes through abstract, random and accidental cuts and patterns what is theoretically based on the doctoral thesis of its author who was awarded the Extraordinary Prize of Doctoral Thesis of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2015/2016 year.

KONSUM aw 21/22, Apocalypse- the new reality II”
The crisis supposes a health and a consumption catastrophe as well as the reorientation of consumer preferences that even with a high purchasing power, once that most of the social events have been cancelled, lacks opportunities to dress in a special way in public spaces, being able to do it in more intimate and reduced or even familiar environments.
Is the regular consumer of designer fashion still buying? What do you buy if your relationship with the outside tends to be very limited? Have your areas of consumption changed? Do people who are held during lockdown dress well at home, wear expensive clothes, or only wear tracksuits? Is the tracksuit the favourite garment to be comfortable at home? While the Athleisure trend was already significant before the pandemic, is its impact even bigger? Which are the necessary and essential activities that you still have to dress really well, regardless of the existence of a health crisis? Do people, despite everything, keep getting married? Will the wedding dress be the most remarkable gala dress?

The author of this collection, intends to give intuitive answers to the questions proposed. Discerning in a logical way, how can a fashion brand survive today? What are the most profitable products to be sold now? Will the tracksuit and wedding suits, for which people are always willing to pay more than for other garments even the same but not white, be the star garments of the new season?

This specific collection proposal is formalized taking into account all these premises, in addition to betting heavily on garments created with the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern method, the intellectual property of Eva Iszoro and the brand’s identity stamp.

On the other hand, virtual fashion is exploited as a purely artistic means of expression. The virtual word, in which gravity does not exist, is not subject to other material limitations and is alien to real and tangible sustainability in which it is allowed to spend hundreds of meters of a tissue in a single garment. This opens doors to powerful and unimaginable realities as well as solutions beyond the limitations of the physical world. Virtual reality has allowed Eva Iszoro to be a model of her own show, joining her head with a standard body of a runway model.

Finally, following the catastrophic line, a large part of this virtual proposal is located in real, hostile and unlikely environments of the great snow of Siberian cold that hit the city of Madrid in January 2021. 

In this catastrophic time the designer of Accidental Cutting wonders what else could happen to us in 2021?

All images courtesy of Accidental Cutting

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