Apocrypha Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Apocrypha Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

After graduating from an outfitting technical school, enter toothpick Yamamoto and acquire experience as a men’s patterner in an atelier.
Reiji Harimoto launch wear brand “REIJI HARIMOTO” lady’s than 2014 and develop the collection that corrupted a technique and knowledge for Lady’sware of men’s tailor.
Reiji Harimoto deal with drama and the MV clothes of the artist at the same time and in charge of many clothes production.
After “REIJI HARIMOTO” activity stop, Reiji Harimoto act as the art direction of underwear and the cosmetics brand.
In the summer in the spring of 2020,  Reiji Harimoto start from “APOCRYPHA.TOKYO” the collection.

APOCRYPHA (Apocrypha) with a meaning to be called books not about Buddhism. I come from απόκρυφοσ (hidden thing) of the Greek.
It assumes a trend, the main culture in the fashion Masanori, and it is necessary for a true meaning to know proof and the books not about Buddhism that it is to read Masanori in talking about it.
The valued a cultural background, historic context and picked up modern sensitivity on a really good thing lost every day, an essential thing and loaded it with thought to say that wanted to tell more people.

Apocrypha Fall Winter 2022 – 2023, all images courtesy of Apocrypha

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