Accidental Cutting SS24 at London Fashion Week

Accidental Cutting SS24 at London Fashion Week, Accidental Cutting Spring Summer2024 presents Enjoy! at LFW first collection using artificial intelligence

Accidental Cutting is pleased to announce that will present its seventh collection at London Fashion Week. This is the first collection using artificial intelligence in combination with virtual reality, as has been common for the brand since September 2020.

“ENJOY!” the new collection by Eva Iszoro ACCIDENTAL CUTTING, for Spring Summer 2024, is the brand’s most joyful and carefree collection, located in a delightful summer environment.

Accidental Cutting SS24, This is the first time the brand employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology, so the models and the garments showcasted are not real.

The starting point of creation of  this collection are virtual volumes, applying the experimental pattern cutting method: Accidental Cutting, which is Eva Iszoro’s intellectual property and a distinctive element of the brand and its artistic activity. The images of the Accidental Cutting volumes are combined with specific texts into the prompts, that is, specific artificial intelligence commands. This ensures a unique and unrepeatable result. This is the brand´s seventh collection for Accidental Cutting SS24 at London Fashion Week.


ACCIDENTAL CUTTING is a fashion brand and an experimental pattern cutting method, created by Eva Iszoro. The method is focused on finding original and non-existent volumes through random and accidental abstract patterns.

Since 2020, Eva Iszoro has explored virtual reality & artificial intelligence as a means of creating and communicating through fashion, and of generating digital artworks.

Music by Johnny Paradiso

All images by Accidental Cutting

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